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What is Meant by Teacher Education?

When you look for a job in the education field, you’ll often see the word “teacher” mentioned. That term refers to the people who prepare students for the job of teaching in elementary and secondary schools. The term “teacher education” also describes the structures, institutions, and processes that prepare people for such a position. A teacher education program prepares men and women for positions in preschools and kindergartens, as well as elementary and secondary institutions.

Ways to train

There are many different ways to train teachers. Some programs focus on general education, while others are more specialized. While many general education programs aim to provide a broad grounding in culture, these programs are not exhaustive, and may not prepare students for specific professions. Some programs focus on teaching specific subjects, and a graduate may choose to specialize in a certain area of knowledge. Typically, a graduate can earn two master’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree.

Two components

A typical teacher education program consists of two components. There is a foundational knowledge component, which includes the theories and practices of a subject. A practical experience component is another important part of a teacher education program. In some cases, students are placed in classrooms for up to three weeks each year. These experiences provide valuable hands-on experience for the students, as they can practice their skills on the actual classroom.

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