What is an international business authorization certificate? All you need to know!

An international business authorization certificate is an official statement from a governing body; that validates a business of its legitimacy, safety, and authenticity.

This certificate grants legal permission to carry out trade and other business activities in the specific land/area/field or sector of business operation.

It is also a legal certificate that validates the eligibility of a business to cater to international customers from a region of the globe.

Now you may be asking.

Why must I consider an international business certificate?

The answer is simple.

This certificate is a mark of authenticity for your business. You are legally permitted to trade in foreign countries with it.

International business certificate considerations

Every business has standard procedures to follow when undertaking a business authorization certificate.

International businesses must look to fulfill the conditions rolled out by the government for their target business area on the globe. Take, for example, A multinational organization housing thousands of franchises worldwide.

To function in a place like the Philippines, Amazon requires an international business certificate from the Philippines government. Upon successful verification, the certificate issued complies with the Philippines’ foreign business policy. The policy varies from nation to nation.

Why is the authorization certification needed:

Gaining your customers’ absolute trust should be your top priority as a business. A foreign business license for your trade strengthens customer trust by:

  1. Ensuring that you are a legitimate business body.
  2. Your services, staff, and quality have passed the quality metrics of the government and state, making you responsible and liable for any actions toward the customer, ensuring their safety in financial dealings.
  3. The certificate also subconsciously highlights the fact that you are a serious business with a keen interest to serve the customer with clean hands. Who does not like their dish served with clean hands? None!
  4. Apart from fulfilling the customers’ need for safety and assurance, having an international business authorization certificate also ensures that your business qualifies for insurance claims and gives you a name and identity in the eyes of the marketplace trendingbird.
  5. You can trade, and even sell stock and shares once you own an international business authorization certificate.

In simple terms, to fish at a lake, you need a fishing permit.

Here is the catch! 

Customers prefer to shop on e-commerce sites today compared to brick-mortar stores. As of 2023, the government of Canada shows 1105 active government-registered nline businesses. Statista reports in their study that the year 2021 alone saw the e-commerce market boom with 5.2 trillion USD in sales. E-commerce is the future of international trade.

A large harvest attracts a large group of thieves too. 

If you own an online shop and have an international business certificate backing your site, a customer will prefer to shop with you compared to a thousand other attractive places online.

To sum it up, getting an international business certificate is considered just one of the basic steps to setting up international trade.

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