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The Dearth of Quality Education in India

The RTE is meant to address the dearth of quality education in India, but it has failed to do so. In one recent survey, 55% of fifth-graders in public schools could not read a second-grade textbook. Pedagogies are often out-of-date and teachers lack motivation. In rural areas, teachers are rare or absent. In some states, such as Uttar Pradesh, teachers are paid bribes to get hired. As a result, their education is substandard. Further, these schools are not free, so they cannot be relied on by most parents.

Despite these shortcomings

Despite these shortcomings, the right to education is still a constitutional right in India. This is highlighted by the state of government-run schools. Even though it is a basic human right, the quality of education provided in these schools is not up to scratch. While the Government of India recognizes these problems, it has not taken the necessary steps to address them. The state of school infrastructure is poor and many teachers lack a degree. In addition, 40% of public schools are without electricity.

Despite the government’s efforts

Despite the government’s efforts, India’s education system has not had the capacity to achieve enrollment ratios comparable to those of other middle-income countries. While its tertiary gross enrollment rate is rapidly increasing, it is still 20 percentage points lower than those of China and Brazil. Moreover, in-house teachers are hired on temporary and contract basis, and the state of the faculty is not publicly disclosed.

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