Is College the Right Choice for My Child?

College could be the next step for any child who is looking to advance their skills in particular areas. A college could be the perfect place for a child to work on A Levels, different GCSE subjects, and recreational courses. Sixth Form Colleges in Hertfordshire are a good example of students looking to go further with their studies, as well as gain new qualifications in the run up to University or another College.

Here are some considerations to see if college is the right choice for your child.

Do they have the right subject choices for your child?

It’s one thing to think about that will change your child’s plans in an instant. The colleges your child should be looking at will have a range of subjects available to study, but they can also be catered more to specific subject areas. There are a lot of subjects out there for your child to take on and your child should have a good idea of what they want to study in either a Sixth Form College or a larger College.

If the right subjects are there for your child to take on, it’s worth the investment. Apply early if your child is moving to a different college, or talk to your child’s teachers about the appropriate next steps.

Does your child want to progress to University?

The next step for most children is heading towards higher education. Having the means to do so requires A Levels, which are much easier to obtain in a Sixth Form College or another school that provides support in A Level study. If your child is heading to University, or at least planning to, they should know what subjects they need to study in order to head to the right degree course they want to get on.

Is your child confident in handling themselves?

Heading to a College does require students to handle themselves with minimal direction. It’s on the students to finish their courses, put in the work and help themselves achieve their goals. They should be competent in knowing how to pick up their revision from this age, now, and so won’t need very much direction from you. If they are still clinging on however it might be a bit of a shock to the system when they head to a College where they can’t lean on you for support as much.

Does your child want to gain real life skills?

College will put students at the forefront, where they have to make the right decisions for them and put their focus on the subjects they’ll be studying. It’s important for your child to pick up these skills while they’re in school or College, as it gives them the confidence and means to build their own independence. This means that your child has to be able to be prepared to pick up these skills and develop upon them alongside their studies. Work experience, volunteering and new extra-curricular activities will help your child with this.

The competitive advantage

It will entirely depend on your child’s future career aspirations as well. A degree, and even A Levels and GCSEs will look impressive on a person’s CV and will show employers you are serious. But your child might want a more practical approach to their career instead. An apprenticeship might be their best course of action for your child instead, or taking on a foundation degree first. It will all vary based on what career path your child wants to take, but it’s also a competitive advantage to have these qualifications to take your child through life.

College ultimately is a beneficial way for young adults to move forward, which is why they are a popular choice with them and their parents to pursue. Doing your research early on will help your child find the right study path they want to go down to help them in their future careers.

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