Incorporating Pre-hire Testing And Assessment In The Hiring Process


Hiring the right candidate can be a challenging task, but it’s a critical one for the success of any organization. While resumes and interviews provide valuable information about candidates, they might not reveal the full picture. This is where pre-hire testing and assessment come into play. In this article, we’ll explore the five stages of the hiring process and dive into why assessments are crucial. We’ll also guide you on how to navigate pre-employment assessment tests and introduce some of the top candidate assessment tools.

The 5 Stages of the Hiring Process

Job Posting and Sourcing: The process begins with posting job openings and sourcing candidates through various channels, such as job boards, social media, and employee referrals.

Resume Screening: In this stage, recruiters review resumes to shortlist potential candidates based on their qualifications and experience.

Interviews: Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews, which can include one-on-one discussions, panel interviews, or video interviews.

Assessments: Pre-hire testing and assessment become crucial at this stage to evaluate candidates’ skills, knowledge, and suitability for the role.

Reference Checks and Decisions: Finally, reference checks are conducted, and a hiring decision is made.

What Assessment is Used for the Hiring Process?

Assessments in the hiring process can encompass a wide range of tools and techniques, including:

Cognitive Tests: These assess problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

Personality Assessments: These help determine if a candidate’s personality aligns with the company culture and the requirements of the role.

Skills Testing: This assesses a candidate’s proficiency in specific skills required for the job, such as technical or language skills.

Situational Judgement Tests: These measure how candidates would react to real-world scenarios they might face in the job.

Behavioral Assessments: These evaluate a candidate’s past behaviors and how they might perform in certain situations.

Why Are Assessments Important in the Hiring Process?

Assessments play a crucial role in the hiring process for several reasons:

Objective Evaluation: Assessments provide a more objective way to evaluate candidates compared to subjective judgments from interviews alone.

Skill Verification: They help ensure that candidates possess the required skills and knowledge for the role.

Culture Fit: Assessments can gauge a candidate’s fit with the company culture, which is vital for long-term success and employee satisfaction.

Reduced Bias: Using assessments can help reduce biases in the hiring process, ensuring a fair evaluation of all candidates.

Predictive Success: Assessments can predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in the role, leading to better hiring decisions.

How to Take a Pre-Employment Assessment Test

Taking a pre-employment assessment test can be a straightforward process:

Prepare: Review the job description and any information provided about the assessment in advance.

Relax: Stay calm and composed during the test. It’s designed to evaluate your skills and knowledge accurately.

Time Management: Pay attention to time limits and allocate your time wisely among the test sections.

Honesty: Be truthful in your responses, as honesty is essential for an accurate assessment.

Feedback: After taking the test, consider asking for feedback from the employer to understand your performance.

Top Candidate Assessment Tools

Several top candidate assessment tools are widely used in the industry:

SHL (Saville and Holdsworth Ltd.): Renowned for their psychometric assessments and situational judgment tests.

Hogan Assessments: Offers personality assessments to evaluate leadership potential and performance.

Wonderlic: Known for cognitive ability tests used in various industries.

Caliper: Provides personality assessments to predict job performance and potential areas of development.

Pymetrics: Uses neuroscience-based games and assessments to match candidates with roles that align with their cognitive and emotional traits.


Incorporating pre-hire testing and assessments in the hiring process is a strategy that can significantly improve the chances of finding the right fit for your organization. By leveraging various assessment tools and techniques, companies can make more informed, objective, and accurate hiring decisions. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, understanding the value of assessments in the hiring process is a key step toward building a stronger, more productive workforce.

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