How You and Your Nursery Can Support Your Child’s Health

Nursery should always feel like a magical place. And it’s often where your child’s biggest memories come from in terms of core development and engagement with others. Having that growth however will come from a successful bond between parent and nursery; of which this nursery in Balham greatly boasts.

To further support your child’s health, both mentally and physically within nursery school, here are some tips in cooperating and supporting your child and your nursery of choice.

Explore pastoral care

Pastoral care is a method that ensures the safety and wellbeing of each child. Parents that lean into what a child develops can help their child learn to be more honest, dedicated and supported by their family. It gives your children the skills they need to handle themselves, as well as learning a lot more about their specific needs, which will help them pick up their learning a lot more naturally in the classroom.

Help your child along with their independence skills

A child heading out to nursery for a long period of time does mean that they can’t rely on you for a big chunk of the day. They will have to slowly become used to this change in their day-to-day life, which at first can feel like an uphill battle, but this is where a nursery school comes in with direct support. Give them lots of tasks at home to handle their independence, such as sensory-based exercises or problem solving with toys.

The more this is increased, and the more times they head to nursery each week, the better their independence will naturally improve.

Create a solid routine

Following a good routine keeps children in the know and ready to plan out their days in their head. It’s a good time for kids to work out what they need to do every morning and afternoon when they head back from school and it pays to keep things the same each day as they get used to this new way of thinking. Helping your child out by keeping things in a routine helps them learn to know what to expect without too many changes in the day to throw them or cause unnecessary stress.

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