How to Improve the Quality of Education in Developing Countries

A good education system can fight global poverty, invest in human dignity and change a country’s trajectory. Unfortunately, poor quality education in developing countries has been the responsibility of the development community. Despite many efforts, the quality of education in developing countries is not at par with that of developed countries. While attendance in schools is important, it does not translate to learning. Increasing the number of girls in schools is essential to increase educational outcomes.

Quality of education

Some countries have found that putting more money into education has little impact on the quality of education. It turns out that teacher quality and other constraints matter more. In fact, additional education expenditure does have a small impact. Nevertheless, the quality of education is often mediocre. A recent study by the World Bank showed that the quality of education was worse in developing countries than in developed nations. In contrast, in a developed country, adding more resources may have little impact.

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Several key

There are several key ways to improve education. In a developing country, governments can focus their resources on improving the physical conditions of schools and acquiring teaching materials like textbooks and computers. Furthermore, they can hire more teachers to improve the teacher-pupil ratio in schools. In this way, they can complement the permanent teachers with newer ones. These initiatives can help reduce the student-teacher ratio, but must be balanced with pro-poor financing. This could be a real innovation in many countries.

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