How Can We Change the Education System?

The education system in America is fundamentally broken, and preparing our young people for a modern workforce requires a major overhaul. Many students are graduating high school with six-figure debts, and the public institutions that educate them are more concerned with easy-to-measure statistics than with their capacity to contribute to society. A new CBI-Pearson report shows that nearly half of the recently graduated workforce is unable to work in the current job market, and fewer than two-thirds of students with disabilities graduate from high school with a standard diploma.

Progressive tax code

One way to make this change is to implement a progressive tax code. Then, when taxes are low, a society can invest in its students with a progressive tax code. The public will be rewarded for the investment: A 2008 study shows that investing in education boosts the economy by 2.4 percent. Therefore, it makes good sense to reform the education system. The bottom line: we should make education more accessible to everyone.


The current system of education is not sustainable. The economy is constantly changing, and the educational system is under pressure to keep up. It is crucial to invest in our children’s education, which means improving our schools and teachers’ compensation. In addition, we should also focus on modernizing our infrastructure. In many places, the current educational system is outdated, and needs to be renovated and updated. This will improve the quality of learning and the quality of teaching in these schools.

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