HealthTap Partnership with Pharma Companies and Clinical Research Organizations

HealthTap has formed an alliance with pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations to bring healthcare technology into the marketplace. This collaboration aims to enhance both patient and caregiver experiences, as well as reduce prescription drug costs.

HealthTap has designed a suite of apps and services that seamlessly deliver on what users require most, such as:

1. Ratters

HealthTap recently unveiled Ratters, a service that compiles drug recommendations from physicians. Ratters rates medications based on the clinical experience of thousands of physicians.

Ratings are provided alongside each medication, allowing users to easily compare the effects of different medicines. Furthermore, the company allows for changes in information over time as new clinical trial data becomes available.

Ratters is one example of the growing number of start-up companies working to promote healthcare transparency. Other initiatives and Iodine, crowdsource patient reviews on specific medications and compile them with clinical trial data and pharmacist input.

2. HealthTap’s unique product

Eval360 is HealthTap’s unique product for health plans that allows its primary care doctors to conduct comprehensive virtual medical evaluations, sharing rich data with partner plans to give members a 360-degree view of their health status. During these visits, HealthTap’s PCPs review patients’ health history, current conditions, medications taken, lab values taken, risk factors identified and social determinants of health – ultimately creating an ongoing PCP relationship for improved condition management and prevention.

Eval360 allows partner plans to quickly and easily enrol HealthTap’s medical group as in-network primary care physicians in their targeted plan and market. HealthTap then collaborates and utilizes its expertise in engaging these populations and increasing utilization within those populations.


HealthTap is a telehealth provider that strives to bring healthcare to everyone on earth. It offers virtual primary care that is accessible via smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Health offers video conferencing with doctors and an AI-powered triage system that connects patients to the right doctor based on their needs. This is especially beneficial for seniors – one of Samsung’s largest customer segments – since many lack health insurance or benefits.

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4. Concierge

HealthTap provides a suite of services designed to foster digital healthcare adoption. In addition to Ratters, the company also has its own video visit service and Apple Watch app that enable users to connect with doctors from home.

Users of this free service must fill out a profile, similar to what doctors would do at their office. This data helps customize the experience for each individual.

Emphasizes the value of this method as it prevents people from overspending on often high co-pays. Furthermore, patients can easily determine which medications their doctor recommends using this tool.

HealthTap’s partnership with pharmaceutical companies is an example of their ambition to build a business around helping doctors communicate more effectively with their patients. It’s an intriguing step for a company still trying to establish itself in the industry.

5. Messenger

HealthTap was born out of founder vision to develop a telehealth platform that would assist patients in adhering to their medication regimens. According to the company, they have been able to reduce medical expenses by preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and trips to the doctor.

Users can ask their questions online or through mobile devices and receive answers from a network of licensed doctors in the United States. Furthermore, the app enables peer review from other physicians as well as allows physicians to self-identify their specializations.


At present, the service is free and accessible through desktop or mobile browsers. Additionally, it provides a subscription one-on-one telemedicine service which can be paid for with either credit card or direct deposit.


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