Do Teacher Training Programs Create Better Teachers?

The Obama administration doubled the budget for teacher training in 2011 and is investing millions more in the field. But does it really create better teachers? There are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is the level of training. Does a college or university create better teachers? It seems likely, especially when the quality of education is at stake. But what exactly makes a great teacher? And can a training program improve the quality of teachers?

Learning theory

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The first factor to consider is the learning theory behind the program. While the Hynes and Dos Santos study used the theory of multiple intelligences, the researchers did not include pedagogical approaches to the study. Instead, they relied on studies of a handful of schools. Several of these studies used a single teaching assistant, which made learning easier. The assistants also helped students with equipment and kits, which decreased frustration. Visit here rapidshare and Click here viewster

In contrast

Research shows that teacher-training programs improve students’ learning outcomes. This is because the training programmes teach new educational practices. They also increase confidence, which can result in higher salaries and new leadership roles in schools. The study also noted that the ER-based teacher-training programme helped new teachers keep their jobs. In short, it creates better teachers. If the goal is to improve student learning, a college or university education should produce more qualified graduates.

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