A dialogue, not an exam: how to prepare for a job interview

Even an experienced candidate can get nervous at an interview, especially if he really wants to get a job in a company. Therefore, it is important to think over the answers to possible questions in advance and avoid common mistakes. Experts from will tell you how to pass an interview successfully.

How to look for your job opening?

Firstly, it is very important to let everyone know about yourself. Even one chance may help you to be noticed. That is what you should do:

  1. Go to the sites with vacancies.
  2. Fill out social profiles and clearly write what you are looking for.
  3. Make friends with recruiters.
  4. Contact recruiters of local companies and send them a resume, ask about opportunities for yourself.
  5. Do some networking.
  6. Write a good resume, create a portfolio and cover letter.

You can also try freelance, helping friends, participating in university programs, startups.

The main information from your resume and portfolio

Let’s look at how to create a portfolio and resume.

Firstly you should write the full name, contact details, including the username in Telegram. Than:

  1. Tell about yourself. It can be a text about what you prefer at work, what tasks you can solve better than others, why you like your job.
  2. Be concrete. Pay attention to the description of your achievements.
  3. Put the most important information at the beginning. If you won a prestigious competition, developed a popular app, or earned a certification in a professional course, write about it in the first part of your portfolio.
  4. Tell about your soft and hard skills, results and achievements in detail.
  5. Tell about all your professional career achievements. For example, a graduate without work experience can indicate the projects in which you took part and victories in competitions sccbuzz.

What else can be recommended:

  • add a photo;
  • proofread all text and check for errors;
  • don’t forget to include your full contact details;
  • in addition, tell about participation in conferences and meetups.

If you carefully consider the preparation and take the time to present the information correctly, it will allow you to stand out among other candidates and get a call with an invitation to an interview.

How to prepare for an interview

Here are some common life hacks. However, if you go over the list and complete at least some of the points, then the interview will pass without too much stress. So:

  1. Find out more about the vacancy and the company – visit the corporate website and learn the information.
  2. Prepare to answer the most frequently asked questions dstvportal.
  3. Theory is always important. For example, if you are going to the position of a QA specialist, then you must definitely understand techniques and levels of testing exist. This is basic knowledge – their absence will show incompetence and unwillingness to learn a profession.
  4. Get ready to practice. The recruiter may ask to share the screen and solve the problem in any language or write an SQL query.
  5. Self-presentation. Rehearse the story about yourself to friends.
  6. Prepare the environment. If the interview is planned via Skype, then check in advance that everything is in order with sound, camera, and so on.

A job interview is not an interrogation. Try not to worry. Take your time to answer questions – it’s okay if you ask for a little time to think and formulate an answer. The more interviews – the better practice.

Accept the idea that even if the interview fails, nothing bad happens. If this company does not hire you, you will definitely get a job in another.

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